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Tree Removal

Tree Ninja Tree removal services - Adelaide

Whether your tree is hazardous or just the wrong tree in the wrong place, we’ve got you covered.

We are tight access specialists! Our experienced climbers and ground crew use the latest rigging techniques to ensure your trees come down safely – no matter where they are located, or what’s around.

If you want to keep the wood, it’s yours!
If you want mulch, just ask!

tree removal

Tree removal services we offer

*Council development approval is required for the removal of significant and regulated trees.  Tree Nina can help you prepare your tree removal application.  Each council may have slightly different processes and procedures for applying for tree removal of significant and regulated trees.

Some documentation required includes:

  • Development applicaiton form
  • A Regulated or significant tree proposal form
  • A site plan
  • Supporting technical information (if required)
  • Application fees are required, at the time of lodgement. The fees will vary depending on the cost of development.

Fore more information visit your local council website.

Trees that are not maintained properly have the potential to cause serious damage to not only your home and neighbouring properties but also to you and your family. Wild weather and even a strong gust of wind can bring down heavy branches, causing havoc on where it lands. To ensure your trees remain in good condition, hire our professional team.

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