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Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding / Stump Removal Adelaide

For all stumps, big and small, easy or narrow access, we do it all.

The right machine for the job at hand is the secret to successful stump removal.

Tight Access Stump Removal

The Australian made Rhyscorp Stump Humper is the perfect machine to get to those difficult-to-get-to stumps. With it’s narrow wheelbase, and multi-control settings, we could climb stairs, go through a residential unit, or get through narrow gates and doors, take sharp corners or use ramps to get over obstacles. If it can be accessed, we can access it!

Easy Access Stump Removal

We use a powerful range of stump grinders designed for easy access.  Whilst they are small enough to be manoeuvred quickly, they are powerful enough to chew through the toughest stumps in record time, saving you hassles, time and money.

We are able to perform a variety of stump grinding services, from shallow grinds to complete stump removal. Clean up is always to the highest standard. We are happy to provide a back-filling service, should you require.

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