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Tree Removal Adelaide

We have many years experience, and the strongest desire to achieve complete customer satisfaction by delivering expert tree removal, pruning, and stump grinding services with outstanding value! 

Choose Tree Ninja to take care of your tree needs. Tree removal, tree pruning, & stump grinding!

Why Use Us for Tree Removal Services In Adelaide?

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At Tree Ninja, our team of tree removal experts embody professionalism and quality service. We are an Adelaide based, family owned business run by James Christie. After taking over from the previous owners in February 2020, James and the team are committed to providing his clients with premium tree maintenance services.

James has been in the gardening, yard maintenance and tree services business for over 10 years. Through these years of experience, James and the team have been able to provide the greater Adelaide area with tree removal services like no other. Our close, friendly team have spent years perfecting the process, and can confidently say that they provide one of the state’s best tree removal services.

Tree removal, tree pruning & stump grinding - guaranteed services backed by $20M insurance

We communicate clearly with you, our esteemed customer, by providing free, written quotes, which are clear and at a fixed price for a mutually understood service, and will not accept payment till you are completely satisfied.

Our customers know what we’ll do, when we’ll do it, and what it will cost before we commence any job.
We always aim to exceed expectation!

Commercial and Residential Tree Removal Services

Whether you have a commercial property with a large tree that is causing trouble, or you are sick and tired of branches falling on your Adelaide home, we have the resources, and professional capability to handle all of your tree-related woes. From the initial consultation and quote to the complete removal of all green waste, we take care of the entire tree removal process, leaving you to enjoy your newly cleared space without added stress. 

With over 10 years of industry experience, and dedication to achieving complete customer satisfaction by delivering expert tree removal services and outstanding value, choose us to take care of your tree needs.

For a free quote and consultation, contact us today. Our team will be able to provide you with advice as to what course of action best suits your Adelaide tree removal needs. We understand the importance of good client communication which is why we are committed to communicating clearly with our customers as well as offering free written quotes. Each quote given is fixed in price and payment will not be taken until you are entirely satisfied with our services. 

Whether you only need a prune or will need to seek council approval, let us help you out!

Our removal service is covered by insurance

Our service is guaranteed. Backed by $20m insurance, we take the stress out of tree removal. In the unlikely event that damage occurs to your residential or commercial Adelaide property, our comprehensive insurance will cover costs (depending on the situation). 

At Tree Ninja, we find that one of the reservations that Adelaide property owners have about tree removal is the looming prospect of property damage, so we are here to put your mind at ease. With speciality training in safety and precautions, we know what measures must be taken to ensure that the surrounding area is safe during the removal. 

During the consultation phase, one of our professional tree removalists will create a plan/course of action that best suits the unique traits of your property, and will take all of the necessary precautions to ensure that everyone in the area is safe. 

Tree Pruning

If you love your tree and want to see it live on in health for years to come, pruning may be what it needs to get it back on track. Our professional pruning service involves removing any branches that are decaying or posing a threat on the surrounding property. If there are particular considerations that need to be made about particular tree species, our experts will know exactly what to do without compromising the health of your tree.  

Whether you need a periodic service to keep your tree in check, or a few precarious branches are causing you some concern, we have the ability to give your tree a prune while affecting its timeless look and health. If those gutters are getting a bit full and your tree doesn’t quite have a natural look it once did, call our team today and ask about our professional and safe pruning services. 

Tree Removals with tight access

If the tree that needs removal is in an area that is subject to restricted access, the Tree Ninja team have the care and ninja-like precision to ensure that no damage occurs to the surrounding areas. With access to the very best in tree-cutting technology, we have the capability and equipment to handle just about every property we may come across. With years of combined experience, we have had the pleasure of working on a variety of different tree removal Adelaide projects, and have learned all the different approaches that this service may require.

Stump Removal

One of the tedious aspects of tree removal is being left with an unsightly stump! At Tree Ninja, we can undertake a careful stump removal process. This method involves grinding of the stump and root network to ensure that all remnants of the stump are completely eradicated. This is a careful and professional process which our team are experienced in. 

A stump left behind after an Adelaide tree removal can be attractive to pests such as birds and rats, as well as disease. This can prove detrimental to the other plants and even buildings in the immediate area, as you may subject other areas to the same problems. If you are left with a stump for whatever reason, Tree Ninja can grind it away. 

In areas such as nursing homes, parks or even most suburban homes, a stump can be a severe tripping hazard. To avoid liability and painful accidents to people in the area, it is essential to ensure that your stump is removed in its entirety. If we are handling a tree removal, we will ensure we take everything with us, including the stump, when we go.

Removal of Infected Trees

If your tree is starting to look ill, our team of tree removal experts can undertake a removal process that will prevent any spread of disease. Disease and pest issues come in a range of forms and can be chemically treated a number of ways. However, to avoid the unsightly and dangerous occurrence, the best course of action is the complete removal of the infected area. There are different illnesses that can spread around your garden, and at the earliest signs, it is best to contact a tree removal specialists. 

While some diseases will change the integrity and composition of the tree, careful and professional tree removal Adelaide with Tree Ninja is the best way to ensure that your lawn and other plants aren’t infected by the same illness.

Servicing Greater Adelaide Area

We pride ourselves on our ability to service a range of property types from all around Adelaide. Whether you are tucked away in the hills or have a business down south, our team have no problem coming to you as soon as possible!

By working out a schedule that suits you, we will make it our number one priority to undertake the Adelaide tree removal as quickly and carefully as humanly possible, so your business or day-to-day life are not inconvenienced. 

We place pride in our ability to prune and remove trees of all sizes and species. The Adelaide area is home to a range of vibrant and varying trees, and we have had the pleasure to work on a variety of properties and species. If you have a unique situation, our team of tree removal experts are keen to help you out and take on the challenge. 

Tree Removal Adelaide – Guaranteed Service Backed By $20m Insurance

We communicate clearly with you by providing free written quotes, which are clear and at a fixed price for a mutually understood service and don’t accept payment until you are completely satisfied. Our customers know what we’ll do when we’ll do it, and what it will cost before we commence any job. 

If you have a tree that is causing you unnecessary stress, or its time you cleared out some yard space for your dream renovation, Adelaide’s premier tree removal service Tree Ninja is the solution!

Making all the considerations necessary, and treating each property as unique. We always aim to exceed expectations and leave you and your property comfortable and safe!

Contact the Tree Ninja team today! 

Our customers know what we’ll do, when we’ll do it, and what it will cost before we commence any job.
We always aim to exceed expectation!

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