Tree Removal Adelaide

Tree Ninja – Tree Removal Services Adelaide

Whether your tree is hazardous or just the wrong tree in the wrong place, we’ve got you covered.

We are tight access specialists! Our experienced climbers and ground crew use the latest rigging techniques to ensure your trees come down safely – no matter where they are located, or what’s around.

Tree Removal Services We Offer

  • Small Trees
  • Big trees
  • Significant Trees (we understand when approval is needed and can help you get it)
  • Palms
  • Single trees
  • Multiple Trees
  • Storm damaged and emergency removals
  • Block clearing
  • Suckers and vines cut and poisoned (Guaranteed)
  • Insurance work
  • Bush-fire prevention clearance

If you want to keep the wood, it’s yours!
If you want mulch, just ask!