Hugh Currie

Director and Master Tree Ninja – special skills include excellent communication, a can-do attitude and the ability to climb and rig any tree anywhere.


Anca Pop

Administration and bookkeeping Ninja.
Anca owns A&K Bookkeeping, and is responsible for all admin action behind the scenes. Anca has been instrumental in implementing and administering Tree Ninja’s business functionality since inception. An absolute asset to the business!


Paul “Trev” Strout

Trev has been a part of the initial development of Tree Ninja from our humble days in the beginning. As capable with a grinder or welder and happy to do what needs doing as he is lifting big (BIG) wood, he has helped us get going, and will always be remembered as the original Tree Ninja Trev.


Tommy “Trev” Henschke

Tom is the friendliest, most capable and conscientious apprentice arborist and future chainsaw-monkey a company could ever hope for. He has proven to be an astute learner and able worker. He has earned the Tree Ninja “Trev” tag. We look forward to a long and happy work-life together!